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6 fun themes for your next teambuilding activities


Teambuilding is undeniably the best way to strengthen your employees’ relationships and their team spirit. By giving to your employee the opportunity to share memorable experiences and to spend time together, you offer them challenging, relaxing and fun moments to improve their creativity and their communication. Your business has everything to gain on a long-term scale as your team’s commitment is at its best.

Wherever your company is located, you’ll find many opportunities to organize teambuilding sessions. As you can basically do everything as long as your employees spend time together, we’ve decided to focus on 6 fun themes that you would be willing to experience.

The Sport Course

Sport activities are probably the best way to offer your team a complete program dealing with business values: engagement, competition and achievement. Whether you go for a sport tournament or a more adventurous experience, a sport session is a good and healthy option that will create strong ties in your team. You may opt for:

  • The classic tournament: catch the flag, archery, softball…
  • The fun team session: tug-of-war or inflatable human baby foot
  • The extreme game: boot camp, hiking, rafting…

Going for Competition

Close to sport sessions, you may think about an upper scale activity involving, not only competition, but also notions of trust, team spirit and “going beyond the limits”. Challenging activities may help your corporate members to understand how stronger and how further they can go together. They could also help you to define who can be a leader and whom you can rely on during harsh business times. You might be willing to go for:

  • Endurance: karting, sailing or rowing
  • Adventure: wilderness camping, survival course, mountain rescue challenge…
  • Face-to-face: paintball, assault course

Teamwork and Thinking

If you think that your team is not ready for the great survival adventure yet, you might prefer a more down-to-earth option. Teamwork is always at the core of the next theme, but this time, we want to improve intellectual skills. Many activities dealing with thinking and solving problems are flourishing throughout our cities. This might be a nice way for you to determine your corporate members’ capacity to analyze and to find solutions to great challenges.

Think about:

  • Escape games
  • City scavenger hunts
  • Life-size, puzzles and riddles challenges

Creative Moments

Let’s improve your team’s creativity. Artistic sessions are a wise way to help your employees to go beyond their limits. By giving free reins to their imagination, you allow craftiest persons to go further in terms of ingenuity. You also help less creative employees to get inspired and to see things from another angle. You might opt for:

  • Cooking class
  • Building activities: Lego, Kapla
  • Art crafts sessions: DIY, painting, pottery, woodworking
  • Theatrical work
  • Creating a company anthem or a flash mob

The Philanthropic Approach

“From humble beginnings come great things”. Get beyond teambuilding and give a real social involvement to your activity. Known as CSR – Corporate Social Activity – this new approach may help your team to see things differently and to give a more important sense to life, health, family and work. Some great organizations propose numerous activities to benefit the community all across the country:

  • Impact4Good
  • Wildly Different
  • Team Builders Plus
  • Clean The World
  • Teambuilding Unlimited

The Ultimate Session

Everything is possible. Once you admit this statement, you can imagine the most incredible activities for your teambuilding’s program. As planners can design brilliant events and amazing meetings, they could also achieve the wildest dreams of your corporate members. Dare to go for:

  • Skydiving outdoor or indoor
  • Jetpack flight
  • Helicopter tour
  • Heli skiing
  • Breaking a world record

We are sorry to inform you that “going to space” is not available yet.

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